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We are an exclusive Windows environment. All of our

systems have Windows 10 Pro installed.

Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate a MacOS or Linux environment right now.  We can still use your storage hard drives formatted for Apple Computers in Windows with MacDrive.

Rentals come with...

Professional Software

*Some restrictions may apply.

- Full Creative Cloud Suite*

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, etc.

- DaVinci Resolve

- Blender w/ Plugins

Professional Hardware

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View our systems to see which combination of hardware best suites your needs.

Contact Us, Rent, Get Stuff Done.

Rentals are limited to the Kansas City area. For Now.

What are the requirements?

- Pre-Schedule Rental Time, extensions available if needed.

     Know the amount of time needed to complete your tasks with the system. Rent time is calculated and scheduled in weekly blocks. This is to help others keep track of schedule times for their projects, so everyone can benefit.


- Rental Payment is paid in full and up front. 

     This is for mainly for two reasons. First, is that there is a process to get the system ready for your use and this helps to pay the person who does this. Second is pretty straight forward, payment validation. 

- Proof of Legit Business and Project(s)

     We just want to protect our ability to keep helping the community by staying in business and make sure that who we are doing business with is legit and on the up and up. 

- Sign Contracts, Provide pertinent information.

     The usual practices.

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System Rentals

Don't have a proper computer system to complete your project? Need an extra system to help make sure you finish on time? Don't want to spend the money to buy one?

Opus Frame is here to help with our System Rentals.

Filmmakers - Photographers - Content Creators

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