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System Rentals

Opus Frame

Can't find an editor? Need a computer to edit on with the proper software?

Opus Frame is here to help. Below is a list of our computer system available for rent.


Big Rig

This set up is meant for editing, heavy visual effects to heavy color grading. Meant for the true professionals with a massive project and a deadline to meet. 

"Drout 2" | 2022, Film
Directed By Isaiah King
Drout Films

Television (Series)

Whether a Stream or Broadcast show, we are committed to providing efficient and creative hard work to navigate the arduous post process of television.

Our biggest project to date is "Drive-In Movie Maniacs", a 43 episode television show. Which can be found across the nation, check for channels, dates and times.

"Street Runners" | 2018, TV Series - Ep. 2
Directed By Kent Bernhard
Street Runners, llc


Live shot, 3D or graphics, small business to large, we will work to facilitate the needs of the project.


"Snack Shack Commercial" -

     2016 First Place,

"Lick-Squid" | 2022, Fake Commercial
Design and Build by Josh Reinhard
Opus Frames

Examples Coming Soon


From lectures, tutorials to internal media for meetings or events, we are here to work with your needs to effectively bring the message that needs to be conveyed.

Examples Coming Soon

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